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When Jeremy Meeks' mugshot appeared on Fox News' Facebook page last week, ovaries around the world went into overdrive, desperate to save this unearthly babe from his life of crime.

Apparently it doesn't matter if you are reportedly a member of the Crips, in possession of a trunk full of illegal firearms, or have been done for corporal injury to a child in the past. As long as you happen to be searingly hot, you get a Go Fund Me account to pay your $1 million dollar bail AND some modelling contracts for good measure!

But, the best thing to come out of Meeks' arrest (apart from his piercing baby blues, of course) is the way he tickled the internet's fickle imagination into producing a wide array of memes.

So, if you want to witness more of Meek's hotness, here's a gallery to make all your memes come true!

The Premier Fashionista Felon

Let's face it guys, he just IS fashion

Innocent Until Proven Guilty... Again

Flaws Maketh the Man

... As Does a Good Photo

But, Let it be Known, Flotus is VERY Disappointed


Do you think a convicted felon deserves all this media attention?

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(Images: People, Elite Daily, Metro, Mirror and Remix)


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