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We all know by now that Jason Momoa from [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) fame will be donning the Aquasuit in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). As with most casting decisions for our favorite heroes, the Momoaquaman debate is hotly contested. Is he the right choice? 2 of our contributors are here to help make up your mind:

Rose Moore will bat for the AFFIRMATIVE (Jason Momoa = good choice)

Dave Conley will take on the NEGATIVE (Jason Momoa = bad choice)

3 arguments each, 3 voting polls. 1 winner. YOU decide.

  • Rose

Bringing in the Viewers

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear – I want Justice League to be successful. I want every superhero movie to be hugely popular, because I am selfish, and I love them, and I want more. I especially want JL to be a hit, because it would show DC/Warner Brothers that they can do more than just Batman and Superman. Because of this, I am more than willing to see casting choices that are guaranteed to bring in viewers. Both Game of Thrones and Stargate: Atlantis have huge fanbases, and as GoT is undoubtedly still going to be running when Justice League hits theatres, I have no doubt that this will help ensure the success of the film. More importantly, it widens the target audience: not every casual movie goer knows a lot about Aquaman (if anything) but absolutely everyone is talking about Game of Thrones. The publicity opportunities will be incredible. Sure, you could do the same with another (even bigger) actor, but this is just one of the reasons that Momoa works for the role.

  • Dave

3 Better Choices

I have nothing against Jason Momoa. I mean he tried to be Conan (the movie failed more than he did), he's well loved for his portrayal of Drogo on Game of Thrones and he genuinely seems like a pretty cool dude in the interviews I've seen with him. While I've seen Momoa play a great warrior King, I always pictured Aquaman with more of a troubled King Arthur type of nobility along with his prowess as a warrior. I guess I picture him as a bit more of a Shakespearean type of king. Three actors that I think could have pulled this off better than Momoa and more closely resembled Arthur Curry are Liam McIntyre, Josh Holloway, or Alexander Skaarsgard.

Liam McIntyre
Liam McIntyre

ROUND 1: Who got you thinking?

  • Rose

Getting Aquaman the respect he deserves

Despite a loyal following in the world of DC comics fandom, outside that realm, Aquaman isn’t exactly popular. This is due in no small part to references in shows like The Big Bang Theory, where he is constantly the butt of jokes (“Oh, man. Scooter sucks. He's the Aquaman of the Muppet Babies”). We need an actor who will turn that around, and make him an epic superhero, rather than a campy punchline in a green and yellow leotard. Momoa is gorgeous, physically intimidating and charming all at once. He can take the character and play him as he should be, showing off his super strength, his fighting skills, all the things that make him incredible. It’s time to get rid of the guy who talks to fish and has a pink pet seahorse, and turn Aquaman back into a badass in the public eye.

  • Dave

Aint Got the Looks

I don't really have that much of a problem with actors not matching their characters look exactly. For instance I thought Lawrence Fishburne was great as Perry White and Micheal B. Jordan will be a good Human Torch- he can play the impetuous smart ass that's always busting Ben Grimms um, rocks. It's the family dynamic that's important in the Fantastic Four and after all Johnny Storm's Iconic look is being enveloped in flames. That's just it, these characters do have their own iconic traits. These attributes are etched into our collective psyches. If you are going to adapt or make over a character you owe something to the character's original appearance. I mean Henry Cavill looks like Superman, Affleck at least has the dimpled chin to help him look like Batman, and I even think Gal Gadot will be able to pull off Wonder Woman. They all to some extent look the parts. Jason Momoa doesn't look anything like Aquaman.


ROUND 2: Are you convinced?

  • Rose

The skills for the job

I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t pick Momoa for a superhero role, honestly. Physically, it’s like he has just stepped out of the pages of a comic book; the stature, the physique, the jaw line and chiseled cheekbones. No, he’s not naturally blonde, but neither is Pamela Anderson. He has a background in action, so you know that with the right direction, his fight scenes are going to be mind-blowing. But he’s not just a big brute shoot-em-up type, he is incredibly smart. He writes and directs with his own company as well as acting, he suggested one of his most incredible scenes in Game of Thrones (the throat-ripping) and he throws himself into roles. One final thing that really makes him stand out for me as Aquaman is that not only does he have all this, but he belongs in the water. He is a Hawaiian surfer, lifeguard, and nephew to Brian Keaulana. The ocean is in his blood, and I cannot wait to see him striding around with that Trident kicking ass.

  • Dave

Namor, perhaps. The blonde from Maine... no.

The general public is probably more aware of Aquaman than Namor even though Namor has been around longer. (Namor-1939/ Aquaman 1941). I would've thought Momoa was the perfect fit for Namor, especially with his dark hair and arched eyebrows, two traits that Orin doesn't have. Aquaman has always been from Maine as well as Atlantis not a lot of sun and a lot of fair skinned people. I also doubt there's a lot of sun in Atlantis either. I guess that's why Aquaman has probably always been portrayed as a pale skinned, blond haired man. Although most people only think of Aquaman as the guy who talks to fish, his blonde hair has always been a distinguishing trademark of the character- one recognizable by even the most superhero illiterate. Even when they did away with his trademark orange top, scaly green leggings and gloves, they still kept his Blonde Hair. Rumor has it that Lex Luthor will have the long blonde hair in this movie and I'm like "What? Even when Luthor had hair it was red" SMH, Aquaman is the one who needs the blonde hair!


ROUND 3: Who Gets your vote?

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