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On June 20th, three days ago, the end to our favorite YouTube web series had come to a closing. And we will sadly miss it too.

Well, not all of us.

Marble Hornets is a YouTube series filmed in the style of Blair Witch Project and portrayed characters such as Alex Kralie, Jay, Tim, and the Operator who we are more familiar with as the Slender Man. In the first few video entries, we learn of Alex's growing paranoia and frustration, but also we see strange occurrences that involve the Operator, who stands menacingly in front of the camera, making us wonder what his actual goal is. After so, Alex's friend, Jay, investigates the disappearance of Alex, which then turns into a psychotic game of cat and mouse.

It turns out that the game is over. We have received the final entry and there have been several mixed feelings on how it all ended. If you haven't watch the series or the ending, stop reading and go watch it now, because down below we have some potential spoilers.

The last few videos of MH include not only the Operator, but gunshots, blood, fire, and a few deaths which leave us feeling emotional on the inside. About 90% of what happens is completely unexpected. In the last video, we are left with shock and confusion, as somehow, a few of the characters come back from the dead, which makes us question everything that was actually going on in the series.

Some rate the ending as "ingenious" while some say they felt slightly "underwhelmed" from not only the ending, but just the series as it hit the midsection of the story. I have my opinion, but I will be sharing that in a review.

The series was created by Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage, who had explored the "Something Awful Forums" in 2009, where the both had found an interesting piece of horror in the "Create Paranormal Images" contest. What they found was the Slender Man, which was originated by a user named "Victor Surge." After the series was created, it spawned several games, a few short films, and even other web series (TribeTwelve, EveryManHyrbid, Mlanderson0, just to name a few.) And most anticipated, there is an Operator movie being released sometime this year in 2014 which is relative to the Marble Hornets universe, but not to the YouTube series itself. The film is led by Jame Moran and stars Doug Jones as the tall, ominous man with no face.

MarbleHornets YouTube channel here!

Have you seen the last entry of Marble Hornets? What are your thoughts on it? Comment below and let me know!


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