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Bilbo's picture double Hayden J Weal has just released his own Sci-fi, Action, Comedy web series titled The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops. Check out my Q & A with Hayden about Jack and Chops and his time alongside Martin Freeman on The Hobbit Trilogy.

How did your experience on The Hobbit help with the making of Jack n Chops?

Hayden: Being Bilbo's stand in meant I was around Peter Jackson and watching him direct all day every day. I learned about directing actors, creating moments, clever ways to get coverage, everything. It was invaluable.

What people can expect from Jack & chops?

Hayden: People can expect a whole lot of action, laughs, and a fair amount of sexual tension.

What was the inspiration behind the web series?

Hayden: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, a British 80s style tv show, Men in Black, Miami Vice, MavGuyver and 21 Jump Street. The real inspiration is to make people laugh and cheer. We want it to be the show people put on when they start drinking on a Friday or Saturday night.

What were some of the coolest/ funniest moments shooting the series?

Hayden: One of the most memorable moments was having to shoot an entire climax involving a spaceship and aliens at Wellington's cricket stadium...on the coldest day of 2011 in the pouring rain and wind. Another was shooting in an abandoned school at 2am because our lead villain was seven hours late due to being blocked by snow.

Biggest challenges to overcome while making Jack & Chops?

Hayden: The biggest challenge always with independent budgets is the favours you are continually asking of people. The theme song, the 505 visual effects shots, the use of locations, people's time, and all without being able to pay anyone a cent!
Also staying up every night doing a colour grade or a sound mix after working a full 13 hour day shooting The Hobbit.

Check out the trailer for Jack & Chops!

The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops:

  • Five part action comedy sci-fi web series
  • Written By: Andy Campion and Hayden J. Weal.
  • Directed By: Andy Campion
  • Genre: Action Comedy Sci-Fi
  • Release Date: July 24, 2014

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MP Exclusive:

We'd love to do a live Q&A with Hayden and MP users. You would have the chance to pick his brains about working as Bilbo's picture double on The Hobbit! What do you think!?


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