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Kioko Mulli

I figure some/most of us are here because we love to discuss, debate and speculate on movies that we love, its a shared passion. I think that some aren't understanding this because I see comments like, "Well you're not in the movie industry" or "How Hollywood works is irrelevant" even "Well its too late so get over it" and I'm not sure if they're just missing the point or are just out of points to make.

I mean many of us will post about fan castings, maybe fan sequels, fan art, others will post reviews, news, other facts, whatever, its all movie/TV based, it can be very opinionated at times but the good thing is we don't have to all have the same opinion, its all open to debate and its all in good fun, no need for insults or hateful language.

From silly discussions to actual serious topics that stay incredibly civil to my surprise, Moviepilot is open to anyone and everyone no matter what your level of interest is in movies/TV. I think we're all having a good time so lets just keep that going and keep having fun sharing what we love about movies/TV with each other, no need to get offended or take it personally, just have fun and agree to disagree. See ya out there.


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