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Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers. Go watch the episode before you read an episode review.

And we’re back.

Teen Wolf’s 4th season officially began last night, and I’ve got to say, I don’t know what to expect. While I understand Crystal Reed wanted to move on to other projects, it really defeats a large chunk of why I started watching to begin with.

Lets start with the good things that happened:

  • They aren’t trying to replace Allison. If they’d just slid someone in her place and made a carbon copy I would have rioted. They are trying to give us more characters without duplicating the ones that are missing.
  • Kira and Scott haven’t run off into the sunset. I’m glad to see that Scott is still not over Allison. This is really making me root for Malia and Scott instead. (As she learns to interact with people again, he learns how to let Allison go, etc.)
  • They gave us Stiles and Lydia working together right away. If they are going to butcher the romance that started it all, they better at least give us the one we’ve been waiting for patiently since season one. I think I’d be okay without Scott and Allison as long as it shifts to Stiles and Lydia as the main romantic interest.
  • I’m happy to see a female villain like the Calavera’s leader. She was interesting, and with all the Argents dropping like flies, new hunting families will hopefully breathe some life back into the show.

Okay, now lets move on to some of the bad things:

  • Why are they in Mexico? I get that they tend to choose a new lore each time, but do we not get to see progression into the new mythology? We’re just going because we saw some bullets on the floor? Really?
  • Malia is obnoxious. How is it she understands how to blend into a club but lacks the most basic skills of social interaction? She could get better, but I hope it’s with Scott not Stiles. Or Derek. Poor kid needs someone he can be with that won’t die.
  • Where the heck is everyone? Being in the middle of a new country only explains a few absences, like Scott’s mom. Where is Chris, Isaac, Deaton? Heck, I’d even take Gerard at this point.
  • Do we really not get to see the scorpion thing that was attacking them in the temple? Is that just gone forever?

Overall I love this show, and I really want it to get better, but what is happening? Teen Wolf is one of those shows that has a dramatic new tone each season, but that only works because they have a beloved cast that stays roughly the same while adding some fun new people each time. Right out of the gate we are met with a heck of a lot of new people. It’s hard to learn a whole new story while also trying to fall in love with new characters. Fingers crossed my skepticism will be for nothing.

What do you think?


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