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Media outlets have recently caught up with 2005's Fantastic Four director Tim Story. When asked what it felt like to see his movie already going through a remake only a decade after its release, he said:

Well, it’s weird. It kind of makes you feel old! It’s like, “Gosh, how old am I?” But it is the world we’re in. And it’s going to happen when I’m 80 and it will be the fifth installment of the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. Look, it’s what the business has become. I really enjoy the movies that are done well, so I’m definitely not going to go against any of it. What’s great about it is being a fan of movies; I’ve always been it. And it’s fun to watch these, especially when they work.

But what he says next is the most interesting. The biggest complaint from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was that Galactus wasn't a giant alien who came to Earth on a giant spaceship. He was a giant cloud with little more than a mouth that came to swallow Earth whole. Now we finally get to hear why he chose to adapt the film this way:

Yeah. I must admit, I think at the time there was a little bit of a fear of going all of the way with that. Because it’s hard to completely grab the concept. You know, if you know about Galactus, you know how powerful he is and how big or small he could be. And the fact that he does travel in a spaceship and so forth and so on. That’s a very big concept to kind of digest. And I think at the time we made the movie, I think the studio also had a little fear of what that was going to be. I think to a certain degree, we shied away from it because of that. But, I think in today’s world now, especially with them looking to do things like Ultron.

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Do you think the special effects for the movie would have been too costly? CGI and visual effects have become exponentially better in the last decade, and there are definitely some things that probably wouldn't have pulled together with the effects they had in the day.

After all, we just recently came up with a quality [Godzilla](movie:45291) film that portrays the size and realism of the beast properly and believably: Galactus wouldn't be that much different, would he?

Tell us what you think about Tim Story's decision!


Do you forgive Tim Story for making Galactus a cloud?


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