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In 21 Jump Street Hill and Tatum went to High School, then in the recently released sequel 22 Jump Street the duo went to where do they go? There are actually quite a few ways the next movie could go. I will break down three ways they could do a 23 Jump Street movie and still have it be just as hilarious as the first two films. Here is what I think, from least funny to most funny.

23 Jump Street: Medical School

Now, what they could do with this is make fun of movies foreshadowing future events like in comic book films. BUT, I think the comedy would get old fast and it would, of course, be the same thing as a lot of movie trilogies. The first two were awesome but the third wasn't as great.

23 Jump Street: In Space/2121 Jump Street

Now, I think it would be so hilarious to have a more futuristic movie where there are laser weapons. It would be so funny for Tatum and Hill to be in a gun fight, then one of the enemies pulls out a laser gun and they both freak out like "OH MY GOD! THEY HAVE LASER GUNS?! WHY WEREN'T WE TOLD ABOUT THIS?!" and then have them find real lightsabers. It would be funny and show how sometimes sequels can be completely different from their predecessors.

23 Jump Street: Teachers

Imagine this: Hill and Tatum have to teach these kids since they look so much older back in High School where they know nothing and they have to make a drug bust as well? Shut up and take my money!

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