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One of the biggest characters in comic book history. He is commonly known as the "Merc with a Mouth," while most know him as the lovable Deadpool. We adore him not only for his wit, but his style and skills. He manages to entertain with pleasurable humor while kicking ass to huge degree.

And that is awesome.

So when do we get a [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie (and one that sticks true to the character)? Who could direct it? Would it be rated "R" to play out perfectly? And most importantly, who could play the loudmouth mercenary and his companions?

Let's think of the director/writer.

We need someone who can cleverly balance hilarious (and often vulgar) quips while splattering badass violence and blood on the walls. The dialogue needs to be set perfectly and charm us with it's timing and not overdoing it. Question is: Is there anybody who is capable of doing this?

Who comes to mind? Edgar Wright.

Wright has directed several popularly known movies such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, and [The World's End](movie:38798). He is more than incredible with leading a comedic/action feature. Not to mention, he has won eight awards and twenty nominations, which is a good sign and gives us confidence that he can deliver us a good Deadpool movie.

Speaking of Deadpool himself, who is to play him?

You need someone with charm, can play off as a cocky megadouche with raspy voice that speaks the dirtiest of languages. Oh yeah, and he's gotta be loud and energetic.

And I give you... Aaron Paul.

Photo of: Aaron Paul
Photo of: Aaron Paul

Come on. He has the will to never shut up, he can play an insensitive a-hole, and he's not that bad in shape to play the character. He's an incredible actor with tons of energy, and after [Breaking Bad](series:200567) it's almost certain he would take the role in a heartbeat.

Ryan Reynolds is OKAY as Wade Wilson, although I think a good number of us would rather see Pinkman take on the role.

Don't believe he can play crazy and funny?

I think I solve my case in those three videos. Done.

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My next choices are for the characters who play companions to DP, both Weasel and Domino.

Simon Pegg (since he is connected with Wright) as Weasel.

Stana Katic as Domino

The important question that comes when making a Deadpool movie is if a R-rating would be best for the film itself. And the answer is: Yes. It's obvious. Without the grittiness and dark humor of Deadpool, he just looks like a competitive moron with a clean name. And that is definitely not Wade Wilson. This character needs the dark humor, the grittiness, everything that Edgar Wright movie would have. The movie is currently being rebooted entirely with a restricted rated script, so we can only hope for the best that we can get an accurate portrayal of Deadpool.

Well guys, I think I have rested my case. I have a strong belief that what I have previously mentioned in just a few paragraphs can play out one of the best Marvel features of the antihero. This all totally my opinion, of course, but there is nothing that will change my mind about this listing. This needs to happen.

What are your thoughts? Comments? Anyone? Let me know BELOW! Thanks for reading! Love yo face!


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