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Howdy ladies and gents, seems like we have some great news dropped today and it's something that I feel needs to be talked about. The following information come from ComicBookMovie:

Yes, Fox are rebooting Predator..again. THR report that the studio will relaunch the franchise with Shane Black on board to write the initial treatment, and then possibly direct. The actual script will be provided by Black's pal, Fred Dekker, with whom he wrote '80s cult favorite Monster Squad with. I'm sure you're asking yourself why they don't simply follow on from the last flick Predators (which wasn't great to be fair) with a new cast and setting, but this is the way things are done in Hollywood now and that's that. John Davis, who produced the original with Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon, will also produce the reboot.

Feels like things are coming full circle now. I mean Shane Black was an actor in the first (and best) Predator film and now he's directing a new film in the series; crazy how life works. But anyway how do we feel about this news? I'm definitely intrigued. Now do I think it's good for there to be a Predator reboot in the works so soon after the last one in 2010? Absolutely not, that is the definition of 'too soon'. But that being said, I didn't want the this series to end with Predators, that film was alright but nothing to write home about.

Another Predator film would be amazing and I am down for it coming from Shane Black. The dude is a good writer, knows how to get the best out of his actors and handles action well too. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favourite films in recent history and Iron Man 3, regardless of what anyone says is still a good film for me. So if there was someone with style and flair that I would like it to be, Black is the man. As long as they bring it back to basics, make the Predator alien the main enemy and give us decent characters (and no Topher Grace), then we are fine.

For me this is good call and I'm down. So what do you think of this news? Comment below and let me know yo! :D


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