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Earlier today, the first episode of CW's The Flash leaked online and remained there for an hour, months ahead of the pilot's planned Fall 2014 release. While several fans are already covering the overall episode, let's focus on the bombshell within the very last scene.

Spoilers ahead. Do NOT read if you don't want spoilers.

At the very end of the episode, Harrison Wells -- previously mentioned in Arrow, a now-wheelchair bound physicist who helps Barry access his powers and is at the helm of The Flash project -- slinks into a hidden room within STAR labs, where a small podium-style projector sits in front of him. He then rises out of his wheelchair, steps forward, and turns on the projector to display the front page of a newspaper from 2024. The headline reads: FLASH MISSING, VANISHES IN CRISIS. Oh, also, creepy physicist, are you suddenly a bad guy?

For fans of the DCU, this points directly at the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, more famously known by the name of it's 2005-2006 incarnate, Infinite Crisis (to the non-initiated audience, thanks in part to the highly successful MOBA game of the same name). With that in mind, could this mean something huge for the DC Cinematic Universe -- or will the Crisis storyline be regulated to TV?

What this could spell out is a wild ride for the cinematic universe, with The Flash already lined up for a team-up movie alongside Green Lantern, and the Justice League already on schedule for 2016. But with such an expansive storyline, this writer doesn't think DC will go the Crisis route right off the bat.

Still, it's incredible to imagine that plans are already this big for the DCCU. If they're preparing for Crisis, they're pulling out the big guns against Marvel, which -- almost ironically -- is currently unable to pull all of it's entities together between production studios for a movie adaptation of one of their most incredible ensemble cast crossovers, Civil War.

If you've read through this spoiler, what do you think DC plans on doing with this huge bombshell at the end of the pilot episode?

The Flash hits the CW this Fall.


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