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So, it's Batman. Or Bruce Wayne at least.

via Comic Book Movie
via Comic Book Movie

Look at the bottom: Wayne Tech/Queen Merger Complete

OH YEAH! Wayne Tech was a satellite in Man of Steel, also! This is (I think) the first time we've seen Bruce Wayne hinted at in this universe.

New Suit!

So look at that suit! It's a shiny red. It has a white logo. So an awesome suit is on the least in ten years!

Justice League (DC)
Justice League (DC)


2024...10 years after 2014. Hold up...listen to this:

  • All three Justice Leagues fight
  • Earth-3's Crime Syndicate appears at the end
  • They put the Justice League (including Flash) in something called the Firestorm Matrix
  • The Flash is finally released...after the crisis
  • The Flash feels bad for himself and pities himself for not being able to help everyone
  • Future Flash (Flash in 10-20 years) vanishes...sometime after Wally dies
  • Future Flash comes back in time and wants to prevent whatever may have contributed to the time he missed in Central City
The Flash #32
The Flash #32

So it sounds like that storyline.

What do you think about it all?

Source: Comic Book Movie

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