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Rob Gordon Jr.

Of course, but maybe....

I will start this rant by saying that I am well aware of the comedian Louis C.K. and his awesomely funny bit. I saw him perform it live before he made the special. I seek no recognition for it but will offer the opinion that his thought process and its application are universally applicable to all of us. So here goes...

It's been a little while since I've posted. A great deal has happened in that time including the birth of my son. As such, I've been busy. BUT! With the recent fervor over Gary Oldman's comments in Playboy magazine I felt compelled to dust off my contributor's status and add my two cents to the growing pot.

Of course Gary Oldman is way off base with his defense of agreed-upon scumbags like Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. Of course this displays a lack of understanding and tolerance that may exist below the lovable huggable Sirius Black's fur and one could make the joke that Commissioner Gordon might have transferred to Gotham from the LAPD. He was channeling his inner Zorg is what one would say. Of course studios and producers should think twice before casting him in their works because of the potential backlash of the righteously offended and morally upstanding. Of course we should expect Mr. Oldman to appear within the next few days with a heartfelt apology or perhaps a clarification that will clarify his statements in such a way as we will feel that he condemns his fellow actor's behavior and was only delivering a treatise on the politics of Hollywood. He will admit that he was wrong, of course!

but maybe...

Maybe Gary Oldman doesn't have to apologize or provide clarification. Maybe what he said was not off-base or uninformed. Maybe he understands full well the absolute hypocrisy of the people as a whole. Maybe he knows that people like Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin are just flawed human beings like the rest of us. Maybe he finds the judgment of people based on a snippet, a blip, a flash of their lives and their behaviors a little unfair. Maybe what he is doing is empathizing with them, something that should be done before ANYONE passes judgment on anyone else. Maybe he's doing that because he knows that we are ALL guilty of immoral behavior from time to time. (If you're reading this and you've never used insensitive/intolerant language to insult someone, in jest or in anger, then I will happily call you a liar and/or mentally unstable) Maybe he, with his insider's knowledge of Hollywood and its politics knows that the people screaming the loudest might be some of the biggest offenders who've just never been caught. Maybe he's like a great deal of others who are tired of people wagging their fingers at others while doing the same dirt. Maybe he's telling it like it is. And maybe, just maybe we should all come down off the cross, use the wood to make a bridge so we can get... over... it.

Coming up I was taught that universal acceptance of me was impossible but that I should strive to show that I was more than the color of my skin. It is a valuable lesson that I will pass on to my boy. I'll also tell him that "it ain't what you're called, it's what you answer to". A couple of morons who make a living pretending to be someone else tend to use foul language when they get mad. Who doesn't, why is this a surprise, and why should any of us care?


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