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Welcome to round 3 of Moviepilot's Horror quiz series, Psychological horror/thrillers. Just like in part 2, the questions will start off easy and gradually get a lot more difficult! In case you missed them, you can catch part 2 (slashers) here, and part 1 (classics) here. You need to answer at least 7/10 of the questions correctly in order to 'pass' the quiz, so best of luck! :)


1: What is the name of the rabbit in 'Donnie Darko?'


2: What is the name of the antagonist in 'Se7en?'


3: Did Patrick Bateman really kill all those people?


4: 'The Sixth Sense' won which of the following awards?


5: How did Dr Hannibal Lecter escape from high security in 'The Silence Of The Lambs?'


6: What are the names of the ghosts in 'Ju-On The Grudge?'


7: What was the Insidious demon officially referred to as?


8: Can you guess this film from a muddled up poster?


9: What line from 'The Ring' was cut out of the movie but can still be heard in the previews?


10: 'The Girl Next Door' was Loosely based on the torture and murder of whom and in what year?


1: Frank

2: John Doe

3: We weren't told, the ending was ambiguous

4: Nomination for Best Picture

5: By wearing the face of one of the guards

6: Kayako and Toshio

7: Lipstick Face Demon - Weird huh?

8: When A Stranger Calls

9: "Everyone will suffer"

10: Sylvia Likens in 1965

Insidious 2
Insidious 2

I hope you enjoyed this quiz! Did you pass?

Which sub-genre of horror would you like to see for round 4?


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