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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

James Gunn has been stirring the pot lately with his bunking, de-bunking, re-bunking and perhaps debunking again the Nathan Fillion rumors. After hearing that the Shmoes reported that Nathan Fillion was voicing Cosmo the dog I checked his twitter and saw this-

You fan journalists need new sources.— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) June 24, 2014

So being a "fan journalist" I just felt I had to write an article about James Gunn! Of course I'm basing this solely on things I have found out about him on the internet. I don't know him, we're not even Face Book friends, and I've never interviewed (but I am following him on twitter).

I have to say first that even though he wrote Scooby Doo 1 & 2 and the Dawn of the Dead remake I don't hold that against him just because they were successful and probably made him a lot of money. I really like James Gunn's twisted sense of humor, that and he co-wrote (Loyd Kaufman) one of my all time favorite romantic films Tromeo and Juliet all the class and subtle humor of a Troma film combined with the horrible violence and shocking drama of Shakespeare.

"F**king @&&holes Now you've F*8*# gone too far, Goddamn heads bouncing off of cars while a Long Island family's singing Found a peanut! Well they found a peanut alright honey, they found a peanut of death!"
-Detective Ernie Scalus_

Now that is some great writing and did you notice who the dad was? That's right the young auteur himself! Just one of the reasons I'm looking forward to GotG. Just in case you didn't know, Gunn is no stranger to Superhero movies either back in 2000 he wrote another movie about a misfit gang of heroes called "The Specials" He even played Minute Man (pronounce it right he didn't fight in the revolutionary war after all, he shrinks) Maybe the Strobe (Thomas Hayden Church) and Amok (Jamie Kennedy) can give us some insight into how he feels about origin stories though

Even though it sounds like the MCU version of Star-Lord will have a unique origin story when he says things like - “Marvel Now version wasn't written until after my version was written. His origin is an MCU thing.” about Star Lord, he knows that "With super powers come super responsibilities" so "SHUT UP CRIME!" he knows the rules.

You don't butt in line! You don't sell drugs! You don't molest little children! You don't profit off the misery of others! The rules were set a long time ago! They don't change!
Frank D'Arbo

Which brings me to the other super hero movie that he wrote and directed, "Super" starring Rainn Wilson as the Crimson Bolt. If you have not seen this movie it's currently on Netflix and DVD so I suggest you check it out. But be prepared it is a seriously twisted and humorously dark take on when an average down and out guy picks up the vigilante crime fighting mantle or pipe wrench as it were and goes on a personal vendetta. Ellen Page is obsessively funny as his sidekick "Bolty" with her Wolverine claws! Made me feel gushy, I have to say I loved this movie.

Oops was that a spoiler? I know a lot of people were pissed off that Gunn released what they thought was a spoiler of Nathan Fillions cameo in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), but he has some thoughts on spoilers too that he wrote about on his own website-

So, before we call something a spoiler, let’s just think for a second, is this really something that’s going to diminish my enjoyment of whatever the movie or TV show is? Usually, it’s not going to affect it at all. I’m going to enjoy that next episode of Hardcastle & McCormick just as much, whether or not I know George Clooney is making a cameo in act two, or there’s going to be a green explosion in act three.

He also has some advice for those who get upset by such things-

if you don’t want something to be spoiled, especially a TV show the night it’s on, STAY OFF THE FUCKING INTERNET. Quit blaming others for your own addiction to reading your Twitter and Facebook feed.

clic here for James Gunn's rules about spoilers

Cosmo the Dog in Guardians of the Galaxy
Cosmo the Dog in Guardians of the Galaxy

Wise words my friends. So in conclusion I'd just like to say I'm excited about the Guardians movie can't wait to see it. I really don't care what Nathan Fillion's cameo is although my fantasy is this- The Guardians are flying close to earth and one of them says "we're picking up some earth transmissions something about avenger or avengers or something" Then as they looks at the screen they see -

James you devil!
James you devil!

Meanwhile while they stare at the screen Iron Man is flying outside the ship looking at them! Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1!


What do you want Nathan Fillion's cameo to be?


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