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Had a chance to do a quick interview with the amazing Doug Jones who has played so many roles that we have never seen him as himself. From "Hellboy" to "Pan's Labyrinth" to the new season of the TNT hit show "Falling Skies," we took a moment to ask Doug some fun questions focusing on his role as Cochise, a ally to humans whose race has come to Earth to aid them in their fight to save not only their planet but humanity itself.

MP (Moviepilot): So we are heading into the 4th season, for those who may be new to the show itself, where did the name "Cochise" come from for your character?

DJ (Doug Jones): Aha! Good question! My real name in the Volm language is Chi-chauk 'il Sitchninch Cha'ti-col. So it makes perfect sense that the humans would have come up with the much shorter nickname of Cochise. It was never explained who gave me that name, but I think it was Will Patton's Weaver character. Even though it took him a long time to trust me, he must recognize the kindred warrior spirit that comes with this actual Native American historical figure.

MP: We got a hint of your alien race at the very end of Season 2? And then you are throughout the rest of season 3. How much can we expect of Cochise for this new season?

DJ: I'm in every episode but one this season, with key scenes here and there to keep the humans up on their technology, and to keep an eye on things until the Volm mothership can return to continue helping.

MP: Now we have heard you not only play Cochise but other aliens as well? Are you just doing the voice or do they actually have you switch outfits and make-up change up?

DJ: I did play my own father in the season 3 finale, switching costuming and doing a make-up swap, too!! I keep my own voice for Cochise (with a little digital lowering and echo in post production to make me sound more alien-y), but another, older, more mature sounding actor voices over for my dad's character.

MP: If Cochise was not in a fight for survival and traveling through space ... what do you think Cochise would be doing as a job/career?

DJ: He would probably be the misunderstood Volm who doesn't want to come out of his room all day because he's writing poetry.

MP: How much time you do spend in make-up/costuming compared to how much time you are actually filming on set in a day?

DJ: The process for Cochise is mercifully shorter than most! Masters FX does an amazing job with my make-up, and with that and the costume, I'm done in only two hours. Very fast for this kind of makeover! Then in post production, Masters FX continues with digital enhancements to aid in the facial movement that may not respond as well on set. Especially the eyes that are glued onto the mask. They give them such life and expression that works in great concert with my original performance.

MP: We know you for SO many costumed characters that we never (or hardly) see Doug Jones. What kind of role would you like to play that isn't covering up your beautiful face?

Doug Jones as Cochise
Doug Jones as Cochise

DJ: First of all ... have you seen this face?!?! But thank you!!! I would love to do a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock, maybe as the quirky friend or office mate, as I realize I'm still a character actor out of make-up. I think my dream human role already happened when I played the title role of Jerry in MY NAME IS JERRY, written just for me, about a quirky guy going through his mid-life crisis. Jerry still charms me to this day.

MP: Do you ever fall asleep while in the make-up chair? Do the folks working on you just let you sleep?

DJ: I have fallen asleep, but can't always, especially since they work all around my head and neck. But you will see my head bobbing from time to time, depending on how early our call time is.

MP: What is a typical Doug Jones day, if you are not filming but stuck on location?

DJ: While in Vancouver on FALLING SKIES, I have many days off. And it's only when I'm away from the social commitments of being home in L.A. that I can take advantage of such time. So I stay in a lot, sleep in, watch movies, write, and surf through all of social media land ... you know, things most people get to do more regularly. For as extroverted as I seem, I do cherish my alone time.

MP: Do you have any tokens or special items you keep with you while filming?

DJ: Yes, my stuffed dog "Zekey" travels everywhere with me. I can't believe I'm a 54 year old man who'd be crushed if I couldn't snuggle with my plushy toy! I also have a few framed pictures of Mrs. Laurie with me that I can prop up on any apartment or hotel night stand. Familiar sights from home help keep me sane.

MP: So in general, what can we expect from this season of "Falling Skies" that you can leak to us??

DJ: Well, last year, no one knew quite what to make of my intentions. But this season, it's Tom and Ann's daughter Lexi you might want to keep an eye on, and who her allegiance is actually to. There's also some love rumblings afoot in the personal side of the human's stories, with the addition of Oscar winner Mira Sorvino guest starring in many episodes! We also have a new smart fellow with some engineering background, Dingan, played beautifully by Treva Etienne. And another one to watch out for is the evil Kent, played by intense young actor Dakota Daulby, as he rules over the Nazi-style youth camp that young Matt is captive in. And I'll simply leave you with this question: Will the 2nd Mass find a way out of their individual isolations and find a way to re-unite? Keep watching FALLING SKIES season 4!!

THANK YOU Doug Jones for the time and indulging us with the questions I am sure he has heard many times. Be sure to tune in to TNT for this season of "Falling Skies" on Sunday, check your local listings for air times. Also be sure to check out Doug in "My Name is Jerry" available in stores and online!

Be sure to keep up with Doug on his Facebook page and Twitter!

  Cochise from Season 3 of "Falling Skies."
Cochise from Season 3 of "Falling Skies."

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