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Since filming on The Walking Dead Season 5 kicked off a few weeks ago, we've been getting a steady stream of details and images from the set of the zompocalypse drama. In fact, we've seen and read so much that it's been difficult to piece it all together and get a handle of what's going on.

But help is now at hand!

Cast and crew are currently filming episode 5 and those industrious dudes over at Spoil the Dead have collected all the info coming from the set and created a timeline of probable events for the first part of the season. It makes for some really interesting reading, not least because it looks like Carol and Tyreese will show up relatively early in the season:

- Episode 1] The group escapes the boxcar

- [Episode 1] Terminus is *dealt with*

- [Episode 2] Ty, Judith, & Carol reunite with group

- [Episode 2] A majority of the group encounter a residential house (either for supplies or shelter)

- [Episode 2] Daryl & Carol chase down a car at night (possibly connected to Terminus or Beth/FG)

- [Episode 2] Enter FG [Father Gabriel]

- [Episode 3] Group splits for some reason, (presumably for supply runs, finding Beth, evading Termites)

- [Episode 3] Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha, & FG seem to be in one group

- [Episode 4] Beth's story line with the car/abduction is addressed

- [Episode 5] A portion of the group (minus Tyreese & Judith) end up at the Easy Shop Supermarket (possibly for a supply run)

- [Episode 5] The Easy Shop Supermarket is located near train tracks and may be associated with FG since there is a "Church Bus" involved

There are a couple of things worth noting here. Firstly, Terminus is seemingly "dealt with" in the first episode. This would seem tie in with the promise that the Season 5 premiere is going to epic.

It's also interesting that Carol and Tyreese show up so early. My theory that the two of them will help Rick and the group bust out of Terminus might be right after all.


Will Carol and Tyreese help Rick escape?

(Spoil the Dead)


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