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Yep, she climbed safely into a helicopter at the end of the 1993 movie and returned briefly to the big screen for The Lost World... But, after that? Turns out Richards embarked on a new career path and - after attending Skidmore College and Art Center College of Design - went on to become an award-winning artist!

Here she is now:

I see she finally steadied her hand... But does she still know Unix Systems?

So, it was twenty years ago, Isla Nublar came into our vision as palentology pro John Hammond flew over his amusement park of cloned dinosaurs in a helicopter. It was a brilliant spectacle of animatronics and pioneering CG technology. Now, the evolved Jurassic World is getting ready to roar its way into theaters in 2015. So, what better time than now for a "where are they now" story for the great dinosaur adventure? Let us begin...


Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill)

After numerous TV stints and playing a cat burglar in The Simpsons, Neill now runs a wine-producing vineyard and hangs out with one of the musicians from Crowded House.

... Oh, and he bought into the whole "I'm sixty, imma sprout a moustache" thing.


Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern)

The sassy, feminist paleobotanist with a range of facial grimaces and great legs split from co-star Jeff Goldblum but stayed in showbiz, appearing recently in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master and Josh Boone's The Fault In Our Stars.

Still looks like she's loving it! That's the Shailene Woodley Effect...


Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)

Jeff Goldblum made realist philosophy sexy with the monologue in which he argued that Hammond's park is an inevitable failure based on probability, which shows that statistically, "life finds a way." Now, he's swapped sexy for indie giggles, showing up in movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel, and TV series Portlandia.

Okay, well maybe still a little bit sexy...


John Hammond (Richard Attenborough)

Given the granddad-y vibes he gave off as Hammond, it's not surprising Attenborough went on to star in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street. Since then he has made occasional appearances in supporting roles, worked closely with all kinds of charities, and in 2013 - in light of his health - moved into a care home with his wife.

How much do you just wanna hug him!?!


Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight)

The most unlikeable character in the entire Jurassic Park movie (and yes, I'm including the raptors) who got his semi-comical comeuppance in the most apt way possible, has since gone on do a number of faceless TV appearances as a voice actor. So out of the picture has Knight been, in fact, that he recently had to take to Twitter to refuting rumors of his own death!

Cheeky chappie.


Robert Muldoon (Bob Peck)

After bringing a compelling integrity and authority to the role of game warden Muldoon, Bob Peck tragically passed away in 1999, at the age of 53.

R.I.P. Bob. We'll never forget your most awesome line from Jurassic Park as your character got totally owned by that raptor!


Jurassic Park has the esteemed honor of being the only movie to make me throw up a cookie, as petrified, 7-year-old me observed Martin Ferrero's brainless lawyer sit on a toilet during a T-Rex attack. The magic of Jurassic Park still resonates, as does my hatred of Oreos, but hopefully - with twenty years to work on my gag reflex - I can enjoy Jurassic World without ending up all pukey.

What Jurassic Park moments are you most looking forward to re-living in Jurassic World?

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