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Robert Downey Junior reviver; Iron Man 3 director; and renowned movie-land messer: Shane Black has just been given the reigns on a planned reboot of the Predator franchise. With the help of fellow 80's stalwart Fred Dekker, Black will pen the script for 20th Century Fox for a film which, quite nicely, was his first credited role.


But who will Black bring on board for this extra terrestrial man hunt? Lets take a quick punt at casting the roles.

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Hawkins

He's got the build, the glasses and the age to play the youngest member of the team. He can also, kinda, do the comedy too.

Idris Elba as Al Dillon

Tough, stern and troubled, Elba would fit snugly into the CIA stooge-turned-colonel's shoes.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Poncho

Alright, alright, so JGL hasn't exactly got the ethnicity down but just look at those smug grins. We're thinkin separated at birth here folks.

Kevin Corrigan as Billy

Again, the NY native of Irish/Puerto Rican descent hasn't got the ethnicity either (there really is a lack of young Hollywood actors of Native American descent) but the likeness was just too hard to deny. The always welcome, consummate supporting man would simply walk into the role.

Michael K. Williams as Mac

Ok, so these two look nothing alike but, in our defence, Bill Duke does look completely unique. Whatever the case, image aside, Williams would be our top choice.

Tom Hardy as Blain

This is getting awful tricky. Jesse Ventura is just another stone cold original. Tom Hardy would have the build for sure, plus "Blain" anybody?...

Schwarzenegger as... Schwarzenegger?

As with the Terminator franchise, there's just simply no replacement. At 66, he's still in great shape too...

And lastly, for the month that's in it, why not Luis Suarez as the titular foe.

We're here all night folks...

*Clears throat*

Disgusted with our choices? Feel like doing better? Give us your best in the comments below.


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