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While appearing at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith was asked the question all actors must be asked on a regular basis: "What would be your dream role?"

After taking in the question for a few moments, Smith declared: “Oh, I know. Yeah, Batman.”

Of course, Matt Smith isn't really the kind of actor you imagine playing Batman, and it seems he would do things a bit differently. When asked to provide a sample of his Bat-voice, he said:

Oh, no, listen because I don’t know what it is. Bale went with the gruffy thing. Mine could be (in a high pitch voice), ‘Hey, I’m Batman.’

However, he then decided to turn to the villainous side by suggesting perhaps he'd more suited to playing The Joker, before the moderator suggested that perhaps The Riddler was in fact the Bat-villain he was born to play.

Apparently, Smith was very receptive to the idea, adding "Hey, I’m going to write to Warner Bros. and say that you mentioned it. And you never know." Of course, I think he's joking, I'm pretty sure that's not how casting works for Hollywood blockbusters.

However, this got us thinking what a Matt Smith Riddler might look like, so we got our talented photoshop wizard, Ole Oberländer, to get to work and produce a mock-up. Here is the result:

​I don't know about you, but that looks pretty damn good to me.

Having played the slightly eccentric, but also occasionally deadly serious, Doctor in Doctor Who, I think he certainly has the skill set to pull off The Riddler.

Also, I went to the same university as this guy, so if he becomes The Riddler opposite Ben Affleck, my one anecdote involving Matt Smith will become just that little bit more impressive at dinner parties.

What do you think? Matt Smith as The Riddler?


Matt Smith as The Riddler?



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