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Reports have surfaced that Leonardo DiCaprio could have inadvertently played a part in a troubled husband's suicide after being photographed cozying up to his wife.

Andrew Stern shot himself in the head on Sunday while he was at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley.

The event comes just weeks after photographs surfaced of his wife, Deal or No Deal's Katie Cleary, getting close to DiCaprio and Adrian Grenier at a party were released.

TMZ has reported that law enforcement interviewed various people after the suicide, including Katie, and it was revealed that Stern was suffering significant stress over marital problems and financial issues. He also had a history of depression.

Sources report that Katie Cleary told the police that she and her husband were in the process of getting divorced at the time that he took his own life.

Leonardo DiCaprio did not leave the club with Katie and was, in fact, with his girlfriend Toni Garnn that night.

The photographs referenced by TMZ were clearly snapped on a very busy dance floor where DiCaprio, Cleary and other dancers are being pushed together and trying to speak to each other above the music.

If images like these did indeed cause Andrew Stern to take his own life, then he was clearly a very troubled person. But it's more likely these photos have been dug out to sensationalize the death and give it a celebrity connection..

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Did Leonardo DiCaprio have anything to do with Andrew Sterns death?

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