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Walter Wong, famous for the character of V-Lin in [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) has just published his debut novel under his pen name Wally Rudolph. The book, entitled Four Corners, is inspired by - but not biographical to - his own life. Wong had a long life with plenty of instances were substance got in the way of progress. He himself had his first sip of alcohol at age ten and on the day he was to sit his SATs he was smoking crack in the back of a car.

Below is the synopsis of his novel:

Wally Rudolph's debut novel, Four Corners, tells the bleak story of Frank Bruce, an addict entering middle age and nearing the end of the road. Roped into a kidnapping scheme concocted by his meth-head best friend, Frank finds himself desperately trying to outrun both a thuggish casino boss and his own brutal history. As he careens through the Southwest in a stolen Riviera, the plot is rendered in vivid, punch-drunk prose, colored by the cold, jaundiced sunlight of late December in the high desert, a land so imbued with harshness that even its snowflakes prick the flesh.

The people who roam this landscape embody its extremes. The kind of damaged goods who drinks bourbon for breakfast and leaves his hopped-up young fiancée alone in a seedy hotel with a loaded gun and an adolescent boy, Frank manages to destroy nearly everything he touches.'

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, Wong had this to say about his protagonist:

With Frank, especially at the start of the novel, he so wants to be good...He needs that so much, to feel grace again and to feel the sunshine on his face. He's a thick stew, Frank. There's a lot of me in him, but there's not much of him in me. I think...

Given the types of roles that Wong usually approaches - and mixed with what seems like an unflinching look at the truth in modern America - I could see this being a tragic fatalistic piece with a lot of real-life authenticity thrown in to enhance the punch.

Will you be checking out Walter Wong's first book?


Wong's debut novel?

Source: LAWeekly


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