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Jerome Maida

Here it is! A glimpse of the battle between Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Kovaleski - which is first fight scene in the upcoming film, "The Martial Arts Kid".

Rothrock is, of course, a martial arts/action-movie legend. "The Martial Arts Kid" is the FOURTY-FOURTH (!) martial arts/action-film in which she plays a lead.

This is Kovaleski's first film, though he has impressive credentials, including being the youngest Tang Soo Do Grandmaster in the world and competing on the National Karate Circuit for over 20 years, earning numerous national grand championships as well as a World Championship in Fighting in 1994. Additionally, he has won over 300 trophies in regional, state and national competition in both Forms and Fighting and has been inducted into many karate Halls of Fame.

By all accounts the fight was intense. However, Kovaleski - while declining to go into detail on how the scene unfolded, summed it succinctly and with a smile.

"Grandmaster Rothrock kicked my butt", he said laughing.

"The Martial Arts Kid" is set to hit theaters in 2015.


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