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If you haven't been persuaded to go and see Robert Pattinson's new acting adventure in The Rover yet, maybe this new behind the scenes teaser video will lure you into the wilds of the outback.

Pattinson has won over countless reviewers including Tarantino himself as the 'needy, sensitive' Ray, and the behind the scenes video shows how this wasn't just dumb luck.

David Michod reveals how after wowing him in interview, Pattinson rocked up on set 2 weeks early to learn more about his character and wriggle into the grubby costumes required. Considering the gritty outback location, that's dedication!

Check it out for yourself below;

I don't blame Guy Pearce for feeling terrible for having to be a 'right prick' to Pattinson's tragic character.

That dirty little vulnerable face is a right heart-crusher!


Do you think it's unfair how Robert Pattinson is stealing all the publicity for The Rover?

(Source: Total Film)

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