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Whenever you go to see a litter of adorable puppies, there is always one that shines out for the rest with it's formidable cuteness. Needless to say, when Ian Somerhalder was but a mere pup, that was his role.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actor altruistically gave us a window into his saccharin sweet childhood self, and it has been scientifically proven that he shares 98% of his genetic DNA with the angelic cherubs in Italian renaissance paintings. Who knew!

So, make sure your sitting comfortably and steel yourself for the cute overload in store for you guys below;

Somerhalder might have mercifully developed much better fashion sense, but the rest of him looks identical. Just cloaked in a layer of adorably pinchable puppy fat... One thing that is different though, is the absence of the signature smirk we caught a glimpse of in Ian's yearbook photo. Clearly that is more of an adolescent thing!


How cute is childhood Ian Somerhalder?

(Source: Instagram)

(Images: Two Cents TV and Two Little Fleas)


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