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If the idea of watching your significant other writhing around naked with somebody else on TV makes you feel a bit unsettled, you are not alone!

Despite both Channing Tatum and his wife of 5 years, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, working in the movie industry, Jenna has revealed that Chan still isn't an enormous fan of her love scenes on [Witches of East End](series:1186100) .

In an interview with E! News Dewan-Tatum explained her husbands reaction the steamy sex scenes on the show by saying;

It'd be weird if he was like, ‘Ah, I'm cool with it, do whatever,' you know? Go and have fun

Before going on to explain that;

It's never fun, but you just get really used to it, it's weird after a lot of years in this industry

But apparently jealousy isn't the driving force here, awkwardness is more of a problem!

Jenna revealed that Channing and the majority of her male co-stars are all good friends so things can get a little weird around the dinner table after certain episodes. She told E! that;

They are, like, really good friends, so it's even more awkward. Yeah, we have this love scene, but we were just hanging with our wives and husbands the night before, but it's acting, you know—it's weird

She really likes the word weird, doesn't she?

Of course, you can't be married to Channing Tatum without occasionally having a little boast, Jenna finished the interview by saying Chan obviously has nothing to worry about because she think;

I kind of got the best

Just 'kinda' Jenna? You're so modest!


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