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For the first time, Taylor Swift hasn't gone for the usual tactic of erecting a tent in her crushes yard and singing him love songs on an acoustic guitar strung with his own hair to win his affections, this time she is being pursued! By none other than Orlando Bloom, apparently.

According the the Enquirer;

Orlando has been bombarding Taylor with text messages and phone calls, begging her for a date. But she’s been playing hard to get. She’s flattered because she thinks Orlando is so sexy and, in normal circumstances, she would leap at the chance

But why hasn't Taylor greeted her sexy suitor with her pink, sparkly song writing pad at the ready? Well apparently Swift is friends with Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr and she knows her playmate Selena Gomez will be jealous.

But Taylor is concerned that dating Orlando would destroy her friendships with Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr, and is worried about being involved in a rebound romance. She’s looking for a serious relationship. She doesn’t want to be just another notch on his belt. Taylor knows that Selena is nuts about Orlando and wants to have a real relationship with him. Yet all he seems to want to do is ask her about Taylor!

But, maybe I'm jumping the gun by labelling Taylor Swift as the obsessive stalker here...

The New York Post has also reported that Orlando Bloom is beating Taylor at her own game by buying a $4.8 million loft in the building that Swift's apartment building in Tribeca.

Talk about beating a player at her own game!


Do you think Orlando Bloom and Taylor Swift would make a good couple?

(Source: Dlisted via The Enquirer )

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