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Aah, RPGs. The nerdiest of all nerd activities, a pastime considered so massively passé that, as far as I'm aware, no one even pokes fun at anymore. I'm talking about an activity that combines the unwholesomeness of gaming with the blandness of rulebooks and dice-rolls. I'm talking about... Dungeons and Dragons.

Yes, the role-playing game may be bashed to bits by the cool dudes, but that hasn't put off the folks behind FantasyCon from bringing us Cubicles and Careers, a new webseries where monsters gather to role-play at working in mundane offices, making saving throws against being noticed by their bosses when they sneak in to work late!

Check these awesome new webisodes out and see if you'd trade lives:

Somebody needs to make this game. Like, now. Never underestimate the popularity of the nerd...


Would you trade your cubicles and careers for dungeons and dragons?

(Source: GeekTyrant)


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