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Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland are the two men behind America's Next Top Model(no, not literally). Westmoreland started off making pornos before joining Glatzer to become a force on the queer cinema (for want of a better word) scene. There latest outing, The Last of Robin Hood, examines Hollywood playboy Errol Flynn's final romantic fling with the 15 year old Beverly Aadland. Check out the first trailer below:

It's difficult to know what sort of tone the directors are going for from this glossy and, let's be honest, quite ugly trailer. With Mad Men such a high-spec staple of contemporary culture, it's become only to easy to make 60's fetishization look cheap. That said, it's almost a shocker that Kevin Kline hasn't played Flynn before and you really have to feel a bit for Dakota Fanning, sitting back there in her younger sibling's shadow.

The story is a new one for us, and an intriguing one too. 33 years between them, Flynn allegedly once asked Kubrick to cast them both in Lolita...


Or is it? You decide in the comments below.

[The Last of Robin Hood](movie:680150) is expected sometime this year.

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