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Rory O'Connor

It doesn't matter if you live on an 8-bit platform or a galaxy far far away; an undeniable truth of this great universe is that we all have bad days.

For the last few months comic book artist Christopher Hemsworth (no, not that Christopher Hemsworth) has been sketching the existential inner turmoil of some of our most beloved heroes. Take a look at some choice cuts below and head over to Chris' Dear Inner Demons blog for the whole shebang.

There is something so terribly sad going on here. Perhaps the only superpower we really need is the power to make friends...

*wipes away tear*

*picks up controller*

Chris is said to be working away on the Star Wars franchise (we tentatively await his Boba Fett) with some superhero stuff alleged to also be on the cards.

Keep 'em comin.

Which superheroes would you like to see Chris add to the blog? Let us know below.

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What should Chris do next?


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