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You've gotta feel for James Franco's ass. The poor thing clearly yearns for freedom because it is bursting out of his pants at every available opportunity. Whether it is in the privacy of a naked Instagram shoot, or being torn from it's clothy prison n front of a screaming audience by angry drag queens, Franco's curious cheeks don't care. They just want to see the world goddamit!

At this weekends Broadway Bares event, Franco shared the stage with RuPaul's drag race contestants before the reigning queen, Bianca Del Rio sashayed onto the stage oozing charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent... and a pair of yellow rubber gloves for cavity searches. Naturally.

The sketch reaches it climax when Franco's pants are torn down revealing his leather jockstrap wearing buttocks for the audience's hungry eyes... Although if you had an applause-o-meter I reckon Bianca's entrance won. Sorry, Franco.

Check out the photo of Franco laid bare and a video of the grand unveil below. Never say that I don't spoil you!


What do you think of James Franco and his buttock bearing action?

(Source: DListed)

(Images: DListed, Instagram and International Business Times)


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