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Sorry for posting this so late, was on a family vacation. This is The Amazing Spider Man 2, which picks up where the first Amazing Spider Man left off. This one did feel like to me as if the director took parts from Spiderman 2 and 3, and put them into the Amazing Spider Man movie.

One character who was in all 3 of the Spiderman movies who makes his appearance in Amazing Spiderman 2 is:

Harry Osborne, who is friends with Peter Parker. Unlike the one who was played by James Franco and had the hots for Mary Jane. This Harry Osborne has issues that are both daddy and personal issues.

Another who I was shocked to see in a marvel movie is Jamie Foxx as Maxwell Dilion:

For Foxx's character, trying to get noticed as a important person in OspCorp is about as challenging as getting recognized on the newspaper. Maxwell is only recognized by 2 people, Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy. But a freak accident while repairing a wire on Maxwell's birthday causes him to go haywire. Spiderman (Peter Parker) saved him once, but put him away only once.

As if saving the world wasn't enough, Peter has issues with not just trying to keep his girl, but with what happened that led to his father and mother death. But what got my mind going with this film is with the first Spiderman movie, Peter Parker and Harry Osborne graduated from High School. With The Amazing Spiderman, the graduation just happen to take place as Peter is wearing his red and blue again. But, it's what is driving Peter away from Gwen. It's not until after wanting to know more, that Peter gets more information than he bargained for and instead of closing the book right away, Peter goes to the one place that his father was known to go to. Only to find out that his father was working on projects that even shocked him. While this was going on, Harry Osborne, who is having to settle issues pertaining to the future of OsCorps and his fathers choices. Harry starts to become ill in certain ways from a disease that is heredity, and that the only cure is the blood from Spiderman. Harry had asked Peter who takes the photos of the masked hero to ask him for his blood. But Harry soon realizes that Peter is Spiderman and quotes this. "Peter...when you said Spider-Man said no, you meant you said NO! What you made me do, you were my friend and you BETRAYED ME! Look at me! You don't give people hope, you take it away! I'm gonna take away yours!"

Maxwell, who earlier was put into custody to be studied on was not a happy camper. Some would call this not a good way to go, but hey, it's Marvel and their tricks of the trade. The only good thing that Maxwell has going for him is a visit from Harry Osborne who pities the guy and offers him a deal. Find Spiderman and take his blood. While Maxwell, now called Electro is on the move. Peter is trying to rebuild his relationship with Gwen, which goes from bad to worse. You'd think a guy would be happy for his girl to be accepted into the school they have always wanted to go to. But Peter tries to get her to stay, even going as far as coming with her and hanging up the hero routine in New York. But that turns ugly as Electro causes problems that is related to Oscorps again.

Harry becoming the Green Goblin was what I didn't expect, but this part is what made me think of James Franco's Harry Osborne in Spiderman 3.

This left me wondering, who had it bad and who was better off? All this led to a sad death for one of the main characters. All those who were thinking Mary Jane was going to die in the Spiderman movies that came of before The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2, were let down. With The Amazing Spiderman 2, who hits home is the girl that Parker wants.

Gwen Stacy's death was one I didn't see coming until the scene where she was hanging on. I thought for sure Peter was hanging on. But the web that was hanging on to Peter and Gwen's relationship spun for the last time. What I was seeing going towards the end of the film was a cliche of Peter trying to go through life without Gwen. Almost like the bella scene in Twilight Saga: New Moon, where like Bella, Peter is at Gwen's grave site for what seemed like about a year. But then, it goes to the cliche from Spiderman 2 at the end. Crime calls and Peter answers with "I'm here to help."

Overall, it's broken down like this: If your a Raimi Series fan of Spiderman, this could be a let down for you. If you've seen The Amazing Spiderman, before the sequel, it's a good film. If your just getting into the series, it's best to go with an open mind. I would also like to point out that Electro reminds me of the mutant from X-Men 3: The Last Stand.


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