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Over the years, Spiderman has had a lot of costumes in the comics, movies and TV shows. Here is a look at the history of the suits with a image and description.

1. First comic book costume

This was the first ever costume Spiderman ever wore. It is red and blue with webbing pattern in the red sections. This is probably the most famous and recognisable and has been seen the most in the comics.

2. Ultimate Spiderman TV show costume

This is the suit he wears in the animated series Ultimate Spiderman. The blue has become a lot darker and the eyes a lot wider and taller and more bug-like.

3. Original TV Spiderman costume

A lot different from the latest ones, this suit was used for the TV series and movie of Spiderman. The blue is not too dark and not too light. The eyes are a lot smaller and look more like goggles. There is a silver watch on his arm and a belt around his waist which had never been done in the comics before. This had been used to give his alter ego, Peter Parker, a more teenage and modern look. This was the first live-action suit of Spiderman.

4. Sam Raimi trilogy costume

This was used in Sam Raimi's trilogy. This is the most brought to life version of the other costumes and just looked right with the material. It was very faithful to the comics while still being something bold and new. The webbing design on the red is distinct and stands out. You can easily see that the eyes give off a mirrored image because of the material used for it. The blue is dark.

5. Venom suit

This was used in Spiderman 3. The obvious change is that this one is black and the shape around the eyes is more grey. Peter got this suit when the alien parasite Venom made it's way to his apartment and, over night, attached itself to him. This made him stronger and more powerful.

6. Amazing Spiderman suit

There is a massive difference between this and the original found in Sam Raimi's incarnation. This was used in the Spiderman reboot in 2012: The Amazing Spiderman. Well, the changes are: the red has got a lot darker than the rest, the blue is the darkest it has ever been yet, it has a web shooter built into it, the eyes are tinted yellow and more of a mix of blue and red near the hands, legs and boots.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 suit

This suit was used in the Amazing Spiderman 2. It went back more to the originals but with more added touches to it. The eyes are much bigger and wider and look the most like a bug's than the rest. Another noticeable touch is the limited use of red at the bottom.


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