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We all know by now that doing things on a dare is a bad idea, especially when you're mucking around with the supernatural. But in horror movies, everyone seems to have lost that part of their brain and most of their innate survival instinct, because hey, no one wants to be a "chicken," amirite?

The Midnight Game pits a group of teenagers against the supernatural. In this case, ancient evils that are released during the enacting of a pagan ritual designed to teach people "the rules" - if the rules aren't obeyed (keeping candles lit, circles of salt - the usual "pagan" things, y'know) during the ritual, The Midnight Man is unleashed, and the offending player begins to hallucinate their worst fears. Obviously, things start to go wrong, and The Midnight Man comes to play.

The Midnight Game stars Guy Wilson (Breaking Bad), Renee Olstead (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, 13 Going on 30), Shelby Young (American Horror Story, The Social Network)

The Midnight Game will be coming to DVD and VOD on August 12 from Anchor Bay

Would YOU play The Midnight Game, or would you rather sit out this round?


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