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Batman is arguably DC's most famous comic book superhero they own. Since he first appeared in issue 27 of Detective Comics in 1939, Batman has sported loads of batsuits in the comics, the various TV shows like Batman: the Animated Series or Batman (Adam west), the movies (where it has changed nearly every time) and the video games most recognisably the Arkham series. here is a list of the main batsuits and major changes in them. (If you have read my Spiderman one, then beware, this one is longer, much longer!)


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Original Batsuit (in comics):

This is the first ever batsuit seen by us. it was in #27 of Detective Comics and showed the transformation from billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne to ninja, detective, philologist (the list goes on) batman. It has the pointy ears, yellow belt buckle, small bat sign on his chest, grey overalls and blue and black cape and cowl.

Blue and Grey suit:

This was once Batman had got his own comic. The blue cape, cowl and boots are a shiny blue which blends in perfectly with the clear grey skin tight material. There is now a yellow oval surrounding an expanded bat symbol. This is a drastic change from the previous one.

All Black Batsuit:

This was in the 1970s and Batman had a suit which was black all over apart from the yellow oval bat sign in the middle. This one closely resembles that of Batman (1989) and, to me, looks the best and the most fierce of the comic incarnations.

Batman Incorporated:

This suit was featured on Batman when Grant Morrison started a comic series called Batman Incorporated. The cape and cowl are yet again blue but there is a more sticking out bat insignia and the chest is more pumped out. This one is more like the cartoons than any others.

Batman Beyond suit:

This suit appeared in the story arc Batman Beyond, which was from 1999 to 2001. It is probably the most different batsuit there is, with the red bat insignia and inside of cape. The ears are really pointy and there is no mouth hole. This costume has also been in the TV show of the same name.

Modern batsuit:

This is the batsuit currently being used in the comic books and is the most accurate to the original while still being refurbished and sleek. The suit is mostly grey with a light shade of black. Now the bat sign in the middle of the suit is large and dark black with no yellow oval, unlike most of the other ones.

Animated TV show batsuit:

This one is obviously animated and cartooned and is from Batman: the Animated Series. There is a yellow oval around the bat sign and like all the other animated variants, has white eyes.

Brave and Bold batsuit:

This suit is in the modern and ongoing show Batman: the Brave and the Bold. it is really wacky as you can see by the bright and flashy colours. The cowl, cape and boots are a bright blue and the body suit is grey with a yellow belt.

Batman: Arkham Series batsuit:

This suit appeared in the games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. it is very faithful to the comics with the grey and black. This was CGI and looks stunning, the bat ears are the longest I have seen them and suits him perfectly.

Batman: Arkham Origins batsuit:

This suit was seen on the latest in the Arkham game series, Batman: Arkham Origins. It is a shade of grey, black all over and there is no underwear on the outside like the others. This one is most like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series costume.

Adam West batsuit:

This suit was seen throughout the Adam West era of the Batman. This included the TV show, Batman and Robin and the Batman movie with Adam west. This is the most different live action suit type and is by far the most comedic. The cowl is a metallic dark blue and there is just a little circle of yellow with a bat sign. Eyebrows are drawn onto the mask and the rest of the suit is grey.

Original movie batsuit:

This was seen in the movie, Batman in 1950s. The ears were taller than the Adam West costume, which would later come out. The cape is small and the mask just looks like it will flip off like a hood. This one is most like the original comic one, so this was the most accurate at the time.

Batman (1989) suit:

This was in the 1989 Batman movie by Tim Burton. it was all black like the 70s costume. The movements in it, though, were stiff and he couldn't move his head. It was a massive improvement to the previous suits though and was by then, the most realistic.

Batman Returns costume:

In Batman Returns, this suit appeared. It was similar to the 1989 one. It had a few changes like, it was slimmer, the fake muscles are gone, the cape wasn't rubbery, but fabricated. The mask was fitted to his face, while the other one was loose. At the end he goes to rip off his mask, so this shows it is flexible.

Val Kilmer batsuit:

This suit appeared in Batman Forever. it is more dark than the others and the bat insignia is higher up. The abs pattern is different. The spikes on his arms are also longer and the belt is black and thinner, This is the first time they have done this on a batsuit. The cape is also around the back more, while the others were more attached from the front.

George Clooney batsuit:

This one is the most different from the Adam West suit. It was seen in Batman and Robin (1997). It was a lighter shade of black, had the black belt still, but wider and the bat insignia was black all over and (of coarse) had nipples!

The Dark Knight batsuit:

This is the latest batsuit from the Christopher Nolan films, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. It was completely changed from the others to show the modern look of batman as it was rebooted and looked the most realistic of them all. It was more militaristic and armoured and was made of a strong material. It was more of a suit of armour, so it proved to serve the best at what it was actually used for: defence and fighting while still looking amazing. So this was the ultimate batsuit for me. The belt is longer and golden, the mask mould was good for his expressions and, for the first time ever, he could move his head around, while the others had to move their whole body around just to see.

So now...

So there have been a lot of batsuits over the years and in 2016, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be out and we can have a proper look at how the new batsuit will compare to the rest. It will need to be: able to have full movement, no nipples, more like a real protector suit and look modern and sleek.


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