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While exact details are still unconfirmed, Jurassic World is set to have a presence at this year's San Diego Comic Con - and according to Phil Tippett, who has served as Dinosaur Supervisor since the first Jurassic Park, one of those 'presences' is going to be eight feet long.

You know what this means?


RAPTORS. One can only assume that we'll be seeing Velociraptors at SDCC, and maybe more, based on the size of the film's raptors (which were actually much larger than their real-life counterparts)!

Details are still fuzzy on what the team behind Jurassic World has planned, so until the end of July, we'll be here eagerly awaiting more news.

Hopefully we'll know sooner rather than later.
Hopefully we'll know sooner rather than later.

Jurassic World releases June 12th, 2015.


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