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Delisa Elizabeth

So I am fairly new to the Game of Thrones series because I wasn’t sure if I was going to either really hate it or fall in love with it, becoming beyond obsessed with the show and always wanting more. Well after watching the 1st season that was basically soft-core porn, I fell in love, not for that reason though. I fell in love with each episode because each episode had action and kept me on the edge of my seat. So going into the 2nd season I was like, “ yes more effing action like in the 1st season,” boy I was wrong.

The 2nd season didn’t have as much action but it did still catch my attention. It was definitely not like the 1st season at all; it was still kind of interesting. Now I won’t say in detail what happened just in case someone hasn’t seen the series yet but seriously go find someone that has it on blu ray and borrow the heck out of it, you really don’t know what you’re missing. The best part about season two was the last episode, which was pretty great.

Now I am in the 3rd season, just finished the 3rd episode and I have come to the conclusion that each episode in this season will be boring with way too much talking with each episode ending with 2 seconds of action. I was bored, some may disagree and that’s ok but honestly the episodes aren’t that good in this season so far. Maybe the 4th episode in the 3rd season will pick up but nothing is freaking happening. I like a show that keeps me wanting more like Prison Break (miss that show). Prison Break was amazing, I have seen every season, every episode multiple times and not once was I bored even though I knew what happened. Those are the types of shows that I like and I’m sure others like shows like that it too.

Now the 4th season has ended and I need to watch it asap because I seem to always be behind with shows, I just need to binge watch season 3 so that I can watch season 4 already because I hate just going onto Facebook and everyone is just spoiling episodes of season 4 for me and I get annoyed and sign out, sulking in the corner like a baby.



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