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Could we be looking at a fully shared DC universe?


As many of you may know [The Flash](series:1068303) pilot was leaked earlier today, and needless to say, a lot of people have watched it (Including me). So if you have not watched The Flash yet, this is your final warning!

So there were many Easter eggs in the pilot, some noticeable, some not so noticeable. Many of you may have noticed a battered down cage with "Grodd" on it, an obvious reference to Gorilla Grodd, and the "Ferris Airways" billboard, but I'll come back to that later on. The Easter egg I am going to talk about though is the news heading on the paper that Dr Wells reads from the year 2024. The major heading is that The Flash goes missing, but a heading underneath is titled "Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete"

Never mind the date. BRUCE WAYNE LIVES!
Never mind the date. BRUCE WAYNE LIVES!

Obviously, Wayne Tech is owned by none other than Batman himself, well at least his alter ego, Bruce Wayne. Now the fact that he has been name dropped in the ' [Arrow](series:720988)-verse', especially when it says that his and Oliver's companies are merging, can suggest that there is a [Justice League](movie:401267) sometime in the future of this universe. The mention of Wayne Tech could also give meaning to all these Nightwing rumours that have been flying about for quite sometime.

Your time may come after all, Master Dick Grayson
Your time may come after all, Master Dick Grayson

The 'Red Skies' mention is also indicating towards a Justice League crossover. Before the Crisis on Infinite Earth's crossover, Red Skies were mentioned in several stand-alone comics before the comics then crossed over to make "Crisis on Infinite Earths" a Justice League storyline. This could also give reason to the Flash disappearing, as he died during this storyline.

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Another Easter Egg which may hint towards a shared universe is the "Ferris Airways" billboard where Snow, Ramone and Wells test Barry's speed. This is a reference towards Carol Ferris, the girlfriend of Hal Jordan aka, The Green Lantern. She also later on becomes Star Sapphire.

With 2 Justice League members now on the small screen, 2 been mentioned and various villains being connected to the shows (Joker to Harley Quinn), this could be DC starting to create it's own shared universe, which could even include Gotham which is scheduled to air on Fox this fall. Yes, Gotham is set in the past, and yes it is on Fox and not CW which is what Arrow and Flash are aired on, but it is DC, and it could be their way of introducing origin stories for villains in the film's.

Either way, DC looks to be taking a major step forward in expanding it's universe!

Arrow and Flash both air this fall on The CW

Gotham airs this fall on Fox


Do you think this is the start of a DC shared universe?


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