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Reid Jones

Fantastic Four filming in Baton Rouge is continuing smoothly! Perhaps the funniest part of all this is the Baton Rouge locals getting confused as to why New York police cars and taxis are being brought in. They know why now!

The Baxter Building will indeed make a return, which is promising because before now, it's sounded as if they're throwing everything but the powers and the names down the dump. Could they be sticking to the source material more than we thought?

In the next pictures you can actually see the Baxter Building sign mounted up on the wall after construction for the set was complete.

Though the scenes don't exactly look like they're ready to film, most people would be surprised to know this is often what a film set looks like maybe five minutes prior to filming. Extras stand by waiting to be told to walk around like pedestrians, special effects crew yelling out of their golf carts at the extras for getting too close to their mini explosions, the whole shabang is much more different than what's seen in movies.

The Fantastic Four reboot will hit theaters on July 19th, 2015.


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