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Michael Olderr

A Darth Maul Movie.

Despite being awesome we don't know that much about the Sith lord. There has been a lot of books and comics about him,T from being bought from slavery to having some one having a crush on him, to him being cloned and attacking Vader. There is nothing official about his past, which is about as mysterious as Yoda's. He needs his origin told and brought to the silver screen.

  • One reason it should be taken up is that his face alone is a money maker. Why Phantom Menace was such a success (money wise) was because Darth Maul showed up with his pointy head and a double lightsaber. Since then he has been the face of the Prequels and has become Darth Vader's equivalent despite having one line and very little screen time.
  • Second reason is that we can learn more about the Sith. One of the faults in the prequels was that they never spoke much about what the Sith is. The most we have learned is from the Clone Wars tv series. Though I believe that the Old Republic is canon, I don't know much about that. But this would be a strong foot hold on what a Sith is, for everyone to know for sure.
  • Thirdly, it can help show that this revival is canon forever. You have no idea how many people believe that Darth Maul being brought back was non-canon (about everybody who hates the Clone Wars series). It would be perfect! The movie can show Maul surviving somehow and follow him into his descent into madness. When he was found he was not exactly the most sanest devil creature in the galaxy and, if done well, it would be awesome.
  • Finally it could tie into Episode 7. His grand re-entrance into the new saga could be like the Jedi hunter's boss, controlling them like he did on Mandalore (please tell me I spelled that right!) He could be like the fallen, when the last Jedi dies he will come out of the shadows and be the Sith Lord he was destined to be.

Well what do you think? Should the King of Mandalore return to the big screen or should he just stay lying in a giant hole somewhere. Comment bellow and tell me what you think



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