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After getting to view the first episode of the Flash (which now has the official air date of October 4th, 2014), I can easily say the series has me hooked: so hooked, in fact, that I've taken the time to watch the episode multiple times now and done lots of research to assure myself that I've managed to find every easter egg, or for those unaware of the terminology, references to other DC comics characters within the episode, and I can tell you for sure that there are a lot of them.

Though I find this fact somewhat blatantly obvious, I must say it simply because I will get a complaint if I don't: This post is filled with spoilers for the episode. If you do not wish to spoil the episode for yourself, do not read. Logic is key here.

S.T.A.R. Labs

This company is going to be a major part of the Flash TV series, that's for sure! But what you don't realize is just how big the connections to the DC Universe are. Cyborg, who is set to appear in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), has both parents working at the labs and his entire robotic body relies on technology from these labs as well as upgrades to his Cyborg body.

S.T.A.R. Labs isn't a company exclusive to the Flash's Central City. In fact, there is a S.T.A.R. Laboratory in the base cities of the superheroes Shazam, Superman, and Batman: Fawcett City, Metropolis, and Gotham City. The independant research company was also easter egg'd in Man of Steel.

Weather Wizard

So we saw Mark Mordon as a metahuman in the first episode: What you don't realize is that in the comics, he was a villain known as Weather Wizard as seen on the right. As we saw with Barry Allen's arm fracture incident, metahumans have a habit of healing very quickly. Could his bullet wounds have healed before he died? Is this REALLY the last time we'll see Mark, or will he return in a stylish green costume as Weather Wizard?

[Arrow](series:720988) Guest Appearance

Okay so this part wasn't exactly unpredictable, but it was definitely nice to see the connections. In fact, later on in the episode you learn that Barry was inspired by Green Arrow to name himself the Flash after Oliver Queen used the phrase "You'll be saving people in a flash". Smooth, CW, smooth. The entire first half of the episode was narrated by Barry up until we realized he was telling the story to Oliver, by which time the narration stopped until the end of the episode when he announced his superhero name.

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Zoom (or Professor Zoom)

Don't blame me, okay. I paused practically every frame of his scene trying to get the best picture and that yellow blob was the most human-looking blob there was. If you got to see the episode yourself, you could tell that there was a person in that yellow and slightly red zoom, and that my friends is Professor Zoom (probably not Zoom himself since he didn't come in the comics until later). Either way, we have ourselves a nice little tease at a villain.

Gorilla Grodd's Cage

YES! This one is one of my personal favorites! Now, in the comics Grodd is psychic because of alien experimentation on him, but by the looks of it, Grodd may have his origin story changed. We know the particle accelerator made a select group of humans with superpowers, but could it have affected any animals? Perhaps, the ones that have DNA 98% similar to humans? My theory: Grodd broke out of his cage during the particle accelerator launch and broke the machine himself, and gained psychic abilities at it's destruction.

Ferris Air (Green Lantern)

Now this is a very nice tease. Ferris Air is the company that employs Green Lantern (think back to Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern flight simulation where he almost killed himself? Yeah that Ferris Air.) There's been speculation that after the Flash TV show, they could see Green Lantern cross over into the TV realm as well. I, for one, am all for it!

Wayne Tech (Batman) & Queen Inc (Green Arrow) Merger

This one may be just a small jab from the future, but there is a headline that reads "Wayne Tech/Queen Inc Merger Complete". This is in fact the first real reference to Batman, as Wayne Tech is indeed Bruce Wayne's company. Queen Inc, I'm surprised it wasn't teased more in the episode. April 25, 2014. I would laugh so much if the show actually carried on for 10 years and made it to that date.

The Mysterious Professor

This is a tricky one but it gave us so many questions and was a decent cliffhanger. I'll be writing all about this very soon, as I am a superhero film theorist first and foremost, but I definitely have a hunch as to who this man REALLY is. Why was he pretending to have lost his legs? How does he have contact with the future? Why does the Flash being missing make him SMILE, especially after he was basically the one to give him powers in the first place?

The Flash officially airs this fall on October 12th, 2014. It's going to be amazing!


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