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As the owner of the #1 Twitter Fan Page for the cult classic Comedy-drama Freaks and Geeks, I ALWAYS get the question “WHY WAS FREAKS AND GEEKS CANCELED?”….usually followed by, “It’s the best show ever!” and “Bill is my Spirit Animal.”

Bill- Freaks and Geeks
Bill- Freaks and Geeks

Well, anyone who’s done the research knows this wonderful piece of television was mostly ended due to being “too real” for television. NBC believed the show would hit too close to home for some viewers, so the network stopped supporting it.

So why should we be glad NBC made this decision? If Freaks and Geeks would have continued on as a series, who knows if the actors portraying our favorite high school characters would have exploded the way they did. Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, and even James Franco could have been pigeon held in those roles for a huge portion of their careers.

Lina Cardellini- Then and Now
Lina Cardellini- Then and Now

Instead we received a perfectly quotable series with an ending the makes us WANT more but not necessarily NEED more. We have also, over time, gained many hilarious movies that contain our beloved F&G cast. Including this soon to be gem with Rogen and Franco as the leads!

Yes, we will all miss the Weir Family and Nick Andopolis’s BIG GIGANTIC DRUMKIT, but once we accept that the cancellation was for the best we can truly see the flawlessness Freaks and Geeks accomplished with a single season.


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