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I would like to talk for a moment about [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942). It had been a while since I'd seen an X-Men film, so I felt a little bit behind. However, as the film began rolling, I was more intrigued by the X-Men universe than I ever had been in the past. This mainly had to do with how the film started. It started as there only being a few of the X-Men remaining, and they were fighting for their very existence. There is an implication that no one has survived (on earth) these bots that were made by someone (Bolivar Trask) in the past to defeat the X-Men, and actually use their own power against them.

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I thought this was an excellent idea, and when I saw Xavier and Magneto together at the beginning, I was immediately invested in the story. Overall, the whole concept of the Wolverine having to go back in time to change the fabric thereof was incredible. I can't say that I didn't see that sort of premise coming, but it was great nonetheless. I think Jennifer Lawrence has done a wonderful job with Mystique as well. I don't feel that she has received the praise she deserves. The attitude and approach she made in saturating herself with the character has made the epic an adventure.

The special effects, to me, were spot on, and I couldn't have asked for anything more from that standpoint. However, the best part of the entire film is a small segment featuring an awesome mutant called Quicksilver played by Evan Peters. When he is running around the room and mixes things up a bit when they break Magneto free (in the past) is absolutely astounding. The personality of Quicksilver fits his abilities as a mutant perfectly.

As a last word on this feature, there is only one thing that I didn't like about the film. That one thing is the fate of the Wolverine. At the end of the movie, you think that Magneto had completed finished the Wolverine off for good (when he has bars going all through his body at the bottom of a river). However, when the fabric of time is changed, it's like that particular scene never happened (and everything that happened thereafter). That is something that I wasn't too fond of. Looking at the film from a realistic standpoint, and from what the X-Men had to sacrifice to stay alive, you would think they would have to taste a loss (that being the Wolverine), but it doesn't end that way. Everything ends as a wonderful fairytale might. The mutants that had died were brought back to life because the fabric of time was changed.

There is room for more X-Men films, but if it were to end with this movie, I wouldn't be sad one bit. Fantastic acting, and great camera work as well.

Overall, I would rate X-Men DoFP an 8/10.

The wait for [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) has never seemed longer!


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