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Okay so I've forced myself to stop following this movie until I see it in theaters. I'm not even going to watch the trailer again (after finishing this post) because I noticed too many things by pausing the trailer and watching it too many times to the point where you notice the little details and connect dots that may or may not spoil the movie in some ways. And this is based on the trailer, rumors, a basic understanding of science, and Nolan's style of storytelling.

I'll stop myself from mentioning these possible spoilers, all of which you can discover for yourself if you look for them. I'm going with what Nolan said himself, which is to go into a movie knowing as little as possible.

Moving on, just knowing the basic synopsis of the film, I can tell there's a huge flaw with it, one that may be addressed in the film and would make this whole article irrelevant.

This flaw comes from what David Oyelowo's character says to Matthew McConaughey, "The world doesn't need anymore engineers." Excuse me but what the flying f*ck does that mean? Do they even realize what an engineer does? They design and build things that fix problems. Kinda like the person who designed that freaking sweet spaceship in the movie.

If there isn't enough food in the world guess what we'd ACTUALLY do. Go ahead, guess. We'd design and build sh*t that would make us able to grow food.

THE LAST THING WE'D DO IS SEND A FEW FARMERS OFF TO SPACE FOR YEARS FOR THEM TO SPEND EVEN MORE TIME GROWING FOOD ON THE PLANET THEY JUST SPENT YEARS TRAVELING TO (yes it's going to take a f*ck load of time to get to Saturn, which is where the wormhole is discovered, as far as I can tell from the trailer. Plus the time for them to colonize the planet and make food there... wait... that sounds... pretty dumb now that I type this... cus they could just do whatever it is they need to do on THAT planet on EARTH, getting it now?)

(Unless the planet has it's own food... which would be incredibly dangerous to just bring back foreign food that hasn't been tested in the long run. But it would be cool if it did, which would mean... wait for it... 3...2...1... aliens! Good luck with that one, Nolan fans, he wouldn't touch that subject matter with a 10 googolplex foot stick)

Here's a short list of incredibly important things we'd need to invent if we sent Matthew McConaughey to Saturn:

1. Faster rockets, like WAY faster (great for both the economy and science)

2. Life sustaining deep sleep (which they have in the trailer, it's those things where we see the characters being sucked into the zip lock bags and going under water)

3. Food (once again a gap in logic based on the synopsis) that's both healthy and lasts many years (ramen noodles doesn't qualify)

4. Depending on if the ship itself will land on the planet or not (I'm assuming not, don't ask why because it just seems like a huge ship like that would be better off not being f*cked with on a newly discovered planet. Just keep it in orbit while they grow food) they'd need specialized pods that can handle the planets gravity, atmospherics, etc. and would need landing gear and relaunching gear (which we don't have either).

5. A F*CK load of oxygen or a way of creating it (which could be another gap in logic when it comes to the "we can't grow food on Earth" problem, but I don't know much about farming. Actually, I don't know sh*t about farming)

I'm no expert but there could be more that I'm not thinking of.

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These things have not been invented yet, according to everyone's friend, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

The ultimate point I'm trying to make is...

A society that could build those things could very easily find a way to build something that makes the soil fertile and the air rich.

To be fair, they are using the "slash-and-burn" (Google "slash-and-burn technique") method of regrowing their food in the trailer, so at least all 7 billion of us aren't entirely relying on a space farmer. (Now I can't help but think of Billy Bob in The Astronaut Farmer)


I'm a huge Nolan fan, I've said it before and I'll say it again. But in a couple of his movies he has such huge plot holes (or dare I say, worm-holes, ha... ha... ha...)

However big this plot hole, I think [Interstellar](movie:813746) will still be the best movie of the year. I'd be willing to put money on it grossing over $700 million, possibly even a best picture nod (with no chance of winning, unfortunately).

I will try to suspend my disbelief by saying the whole trip is for a purpose greater than anything Hollywood could imagine: FOR SCIENCE!

If at the very least it should spark some interest in astronomy, which is the coolest f*cking thing ever.

I shall leave you with this. Good night.

  Seriously, do you?
Seriously, do you?

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