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Earlier this week it was announced that a Predator reboot was on the horizon and was going to be helmed by an original cast member (and director of [Iron Man 3](movie:24391)) Shane Black and with scripting done by Fred Dekker (Monster Squad) - and while the internet promptly shat it's pants and pre-emptively bemoaned the birth of yet another foul CGI-filled remake, Collidor arrived to save the day.

In an interview with Shane Black, it's been confirmed that the new [Predator Reboot](movie:1567455) will NOT in fact be a reboot, but a SEQUEL.

“Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?” Black said he doesn’t like reboots generally, but can “really get behind inventive sequels”, noting that he likes “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”

If you've read ANY of my articles you'll know that the moment the word mythology is tossed around (especially by someone who knows what they're talking about) I'm IMMEDIATELY in. Plus, what the hell isn't there to love about Predator? you think they'll try to get the band back together?

Silly question, right?
Silly question, right?


A Sequel? What say YOU?

(Source: Collidor)


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