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American Horror Story has already visited a haunted house, a loony bin populated by Nazis, and a modern-day coven of witches. But the next season of the FX show looks like it is about to get even more outlandish, as Ryan Murphy and the cast head to a 1950s Florida freak show... (Anyone who has ever seen 1932 horror movie Freaks - which went far beyond bad taste, and far, far, far beyond political correctness - will sense my fear.)

We recently learned that series alum Sarah Paulson would be playing a two-headed character in the sideshow that's run by Jessica Lange's character, Fiona Goode. Today, we learn how The Shield actor Michael Chiklis will be taking on the Freak Show.

The FX show's creator, Murphy, was asked at the Critic's Choice Awards if he could reveal anything about Season 4 of American Horror Story. His response was, well...strong:

...a strong man who’s married to Angela Bassett['s character]. He has scenes with Angela and Jessica Lange and [onscreen ex] Kathy Bates. I love the part because it’s really written to be quite vulnerable, which is something I think Michael does so well – the strong man who’s vulnerable. I’m very excited to see [him] tussle with all those great ladies. And he’s really up for it, really excited about it.

Hmm, "a strong man", hey? Considering the Freak Show setting, my guess is that he'll be a performer in the titular show who performs powerlifting and other feats of strength. Either way, American Horror Story Season 4 has a really strong set of actors, and I'm excited to see what the writers have in store.


Are you looking forward to seeing how Michael Chiklis' strong man fits into AHS Season 4?

(Source: TVLine)


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