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Matt Carter

More sweet news from the set of The Walking Dead Season 5, this time with Rick Grimes himself (Andrew Lincoln) telling the world to get strapped in because the season premiere is going to be off the chain.

The last time we saw Rick and the group, they were locked up at Terminus, but poised to kick some serious Termite ass. And the Season 5 premiere will jump straight back into the action, which, according to Lincoln, is going to be "no holds barred".

Speaking of the new season, we've seen from all the set images that it's going to be epic, and Lincoln agrees, admitting that filming is "always ramped up to the max".

Boom! That's the sort of news I want to hear. Now if AMC could just release the first trailer (or maybe the premiere episode....) I'm sure all us Dead-Heads would be very grateful.

So what do you guys think will happen in the "no holds barred" [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 premiere? These are the three things I want to see:

1) Rick ripping the faces off some Termites

2) Carol returning to help rescue the group (and also ripping faces off Termites)

3) Eugene's mullet


What are you most excited about for the Season 5 premiere?



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