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You might say I'm crazy for even mentioning this, but are Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart really all that different? One actress is almost universally adored but the other is much maligned, but if you take a step back and chuck your preconceptions in the bin, they aren't quite chalk and cheese.

On Tumblr the Unpopular Opinions blog opened a dialogue about the two actresses (and, despite popular opinion, friends) and their similarities. Despite both having distinctively clumsy and awkward ways and being at the helm of enormous young adult franchises, KStew seems to attract the stings of the press whereas JLaw is petted like a prime pooch.

Okay so, JLaw is wildly extroverted, and KStew is clearly a deeply introverted person, but there is definitely more at play here...

Maybe it's the fact that Bella Swan was such a wet, emo blanket constantly fawning over Edward like a sad little basset hound and Katniss is a furiously kick ass leader. Not to mention that Lawrence's roles are undeniably much better written.

I'm sure Stewart is a cool chick in person, but maybe it all boils down to the fact that she is hunched into herself at public appearances that she is famous for rarely cracking a smile... You just can't fight waggling arm fat and butt plug stories with a low key personality.

Here's the beginning of the Tumblr dialogue for you to cast your judging eyes over;

And, here are my fave awkward KStew and Jennifer Lawrence GIFS, just because.


Do you think Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart are really all that different?

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