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Channing Tatum is about to go totally wild, but unfortunately it probably won't involve him tearing his clothes off in a rabid frenzy.

The star is all set to team up with survival expert Bear Grylls and take a trip to the wilderness to figure out how to distil his own urine to make a delicious drink... or something like that looking at Bear's previous work.

The series Running Wild with Bear Grylls is all set to feature a stellar celeb cast with the likes of Channing Tatum, Zac Effron and Ben Stiller trying out their fire making and insect chomping skills in the wilds of America.

According to Grylls Running Wild will give us an intimate peek into the inner life of celebrities as they are stripped of the trappings of their decidedly fancy lives. He explained that;

'Running Wild' allows viewers to see inside the hearts and minds of these guests in a very open, honest and vulnerable way, pushing them out of their comfort zones and seeing what they are like in real life when stripped of all the benefits of celebrity. Ultimately, this show is about taking these stars on the adventure of a lifetime and being alongside them when they discover something new and empowering about themselves and their world. For me, that is always a privilege

The series will feature highlights such as skydiving in the Catskill Mountains and repelling down cliffs in Utah.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of anyone cozying down for the night in a hollowed out camel. Don't be too easy on them Grylls!

Make sure you don't puncture those guts, Chan!


Which celebrity are you most looking forward to seeing 'Running Wild'?

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