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Dwayne Johnson has muscled himself into a Hercules role, but will the 6 foot 5 demigod be able to pull off leading a team of mercenaries to train the Thracian army?

Looking at this new set of stills from the movie, which smashes its way into theaters on July 25, I'm going with yes. Yes, he will. Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Johnson certainly looks to have bulked up appropriately for the role (chicken, steak, and brown rice until you start to smell funky, I guess!), so I'm totally pumped for him to lay the smack down on lots of unsuspecting people in Hercules, aren't you?

So, The Rock is well and truly on board to provide the bulk of the beef for Brett Ratner's strongman flick, but Rufus Sewell is also joining him. Usually when Sewell is around swords, he's the villain. But in a turnabout from his roles in such movies like A Knight's Tale and The Legend Of Zorro, he's snapped up a heroic turn as one of Dwayne Johnson's fellow warriors. He's looking pretty good, too:


Will Hercules be as mighty as we're all hoping?

(Source: Empire Magazine via HeyUGuys)


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